Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Week Left!

We drove from Rexburg to Caldwell (on less than ONE tank of gas) the day before thanksgiving for my brother Lukes 12th birthday. That night i took Ty out to see the christmas lights at Indian Creek park. 

They have the entire river surrounded with lights! There's 2 bridges covered in lights too. (sooo pretty)

sorry about the blurriness of these pictures. It was a great night......untiiilllllll.....

We turned LEFT onto a one-way street. the song 'choose the right' would have been very appropriate at this moment. Ty was all confused when we passed through an intersection and there were stop lights on all three sides of it, but there wasn't one in front of us. I completely forgot it was a one-way street until i saw a nice pair of headlights shining in our faces. If you think that got my heart rate up, just wait until i tell you a bunch of blue and red lights started swirling on top of the car too! 

So, moral of the story is, always have your car insured, 'choose the right', and when you go to see Christmas lights - make sure the only lights you see are Christmas lights.... or your happy evening might turn into
 "oh snap we're hosed!"

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