Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Week Left!

We drove from Rexburg to Caldwell (on less than ONE tank of gas) the day before thanksgiving for my brother Lukes 12th birthday. That night i took Ty out to see the christmas lights at Indian Creek park. 

They have the entire river surrounded with lights! There's 2 bridges covered in lights too. (sooo pretty)

sorry about the blurriness of these pictures. It was a great night......untiiilllllll.....

We turned LEFT onto a one-way street. the song 'choose the right' would have been very appropriate at this moment. Ty was all confused when we passed through an intersection and there were stop lights on all three sides of it, but there wasn't one in front of us. I completely forgot it was a one-way street until i saw a nice pair of headlights shining in our faces. If you think that got my heart rate up, just wait until i tell you a bunch of blue and red lights started swirling on top of the car too! 

So, moral of the story is, always have your car insured, 'choose the right', and when you go to see Christmas lights - make sure the only lights you see are Christmas lights.... or your happy evening might turn into
 "oh snap we're hosed!"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Keepin' it fun

Tyrel's dad knows EVERYTHING about Yellowstone! They've taken me twice since we've been dating. It's amazing! 

sometimes he has a hard time paying attention to me......


We got to go home to Caldwell for a weekend. I wish we could have stayed longer. I miss my baby sister Morgan like nothing else. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

The planning continues...

So, anybody who's ever thought planning a wedding is a piece of cake is sorely mistaken. Not even planning a cake is a piece of cake, no pun intended. All of this has been crazy. But at the same time, i've had a LOT of help that i would be so lost without.
I've dreamed of planning my wedding my whole life, and never before have i ever imagined there would be so many things to think about and decide on.

  • announcements (getting pictures taken, printed, and then create the announcement itself)
  • mailing the announcements
  • Registering at stores
  • finding a dress
  • getting it ready to wear (dry-cleaned if necessary, steamed maybe... etc)
  • finding accessories. (veil, shoes, jewelry etc)
  • picking what the groom will wear
  • Finding where to get it from 
  • Making budgets
  • Coordinating with parents
  • Flowers?
  • Bridesmaids (Who, how many)
  • Groomsmen (Who, how many)
  • Music? (first dance, father/daughter dance etc)
  • CAKE
  • decorations (table, doorways, backdrop, etc)
  • Food (what to eat, what to serve, what to not have to clean up)
  • Plates, cups, napkins, serving bowls, plasticware.....
  • All the Temple aspect of everything
  • Picking where to have the receptions
  • do we have an open house? where, when, who?
  • scheduling where everything will take place
  • photographers
  • what will the wedding party wear?
  • what colors do i want to have? will i need to change them after i've already picked?
  • bridal pictures, groom pictures
  • where will we live?
  • Honeymoon?
  • How much money do we have left after all of this?
and thats barely mentioning the big things....

Finally Together

We've really enjoyed being able to be together. We were apart for way too long. I think it totaled to just under 3 months. I've been counting down the days until December 3rd (which is the wedding date) starting at 103 days. Today there are 19 days left. Woo-Hoo! Ty finished working Spud Harvest and has been doing some landscaping work (yes in the wretched snow) and spending time with me with a side of hunting trips. Some of which went... very.... wrong....

 He kept laughing thinking it was funny. Well if my shoes weren't so thin and soaking wet and muddy and if the sun had warmed the little hole we were in a little more... i think it would have been a much more fun experience. but it was cold and i didn't come prepared with the clothing i needed to stay warm. (Which wasn't my fault, i didn't know we would be going hunting) We got stuck right here for almost 2 hours.... probably some of the most frustrating 2 hours of my entire life. And due to lack of communication, about 2 minutes after we got unstuck from here... we got stuck AGAIN... taking us about another hour to get unstuck, for a total of 3 hours of being stuck.
But, it was pretty where we were. I'll give the place credit for that at least.

I was pretty excited though because i finally had recovered from my foot surgery enough to run that morning. buuuuuttt........i dislocated my left knee later that day climbing in a window. 

All the injuries and surgeries and relocating and losing my job have all been little reminders of who's really in charge. I've really had to take a few major steps back and remember to be grateful for not only all my family and friends and all of their help, but also to be grateful for myself and for all the capabilities I've been blessed with. You never know how awesome it is to run when you haven't been able to for 3 months... or what a blessing it is to simply walk around without a boot or a knee-brace and be self-efficient. Asking for help has never been easy for me. I've had several opportunities to be humble and ask for lots of help lately. 

Taking engagement pictures was WAY more fun that i thought it would be. Im SO grateful we found such a great photographer. We got a really great deal with her and she did a wonderful job. 
The Announcements took me WAY too long to create, but i feel it was well worth it. When we got them printed out, the lady at ArtCo asked me if they could keep one of our announcements for display because it was one of the best they had ever seen.
=] that made me smile... and of course i let her. 

400 copies, 400 envelopes, 400 stamps, 800 address labels & 2.5 weeks later.... They were all mailed out. 

The rest of the summer

We dated the rest of the summer doing things like fixing his truck, floating the river, fixing his truck, going country dancing and fixing his truck. I got super tan though.  Ty's parents (Kent & Kay) let us borrow their car and drive home for family camping at the cabin. SOO much fun! Even the part where Tyrel and i went for a 4-wheeler ride and he dumped us off the side when he tipped it over in the middle of a river! ... and then i pushed it out while ty sat in the seat pushing the throttle. hahaha, it was quite the day. We then got it high-centered on 2 different logs and then ran out of gas right after we got miserably lost on top the mountain. I wish i had pictures from that trip.
We celebrated my birthday for pretty much 2 weeks. Ty and i floated the river, and tried going to Big Judds, but instead we broke the sunroof on his parents car. oops!
We also went to ice cream, played pool at the Craze, and threw a mattress in the bed of his pickup and had a bonfire out in the middle of nowhere.
His family had a big personalized sunday dinner for me and then took us all out to Big Judds later that week.
What an amazing summer!!!

Then the day came when it was time for me to go back to Caldwell for my foot surgery. (I know it sounds gross, but it's really not) I had a bunion on my left foot. Its where the joint in my big toe starts to grow outward, causing the joint to jack-knife and pinch nerves. I planned on staying with my grandma in Oregon during my recovery while Ty drove to VIRGINIA to work selling insulation until December.
This was before we had decided to be married. His mom left this on his dresser the night he left.

It's so beautiful there!

 I missed him like crazy too. We would talk on skype every night, but that was hardly enough.

 I never ended up going to Oregon. All my siblings and I moved to live in Weiser with our cousins the Packers. This has been quite the adventure for all of us. 

While Ty was in Virginia he got to go to the DC Temple with his friend Quinn. How lucky...

He got to see so many places while driving there too. I'm SO jealous!

Lake Michigan 

He sent me pictures of something almost every day. 
This was the pond right in front of his apartment. He loved to go fishing in it. 

One day i was talking with him on the phone when all of the sudden the line dropped. I called him back, and texted him, but there was never a response. I decided to take a shower to wait it out. I got out of the shower when i received  a text from Ty saying that there had just been an earthquake right under him! 
I didn't believe him so i looked it up. And sure enough, there had been. =[ i was so worried. He was so far away and sometimes doesn't have the best sense of judgement when it comes to safety. 
But that wasn't the end of it. There was a hurricane coming as well. 

Hurricane Irene. 

The place where Ty was didn't see the worst of it. But the power was out for quite a while and i had zero communication with him. Talk about frustrating and scary!
Since the power was out, and the hurricane was people's main concern, Ty & Quinn decided to come home to work Spud harvest. Also because Ty and I couldn't be separated any longer. 
He got to see the Nauvoo Temple too!

Ty was home with his family for a day and then boarded a bus to Boise to come stay with me and the Packers for a couple weeks. 
I went to the airport to pick him up, and it was an experience unlike any other. I had been dreaming of simply hearing his voice in person or holding him in my arms for 6 weeks. But when i actually stepped out of the car and hugged him again, i almost felt like it wasn't real. literally, too good to be true. 
We enjoyed every second we had together the entire time. Ty and i had decided to be married by this point and he had a certain conversation to have with my dad before he went back to Rexburg. We scheduled a time and i watched Ty and my dad drive away to have their little chat. That night when Ty was telling me what my dad said, i absolutely couldn't believe my dad actually said no! But, fortunately, since that time, my dad's heart has softened and now supports us 100% in sealed in the temple. 

Ty fixed up my sister Lauretta's old wrecked car and drove it back to rexburg getting 35 mpg going 80 mph. Woah! It's an awesome little car. Though... nobody can quite tell what color it is. haha, purplish brownish is the most accurate we can come up with. We are currently trying to finalize title transfers and insurance etc so the car can be registered and insured under my name. I'm super grateful for Lauretta selling it to me, and for Tyrel's awesome talent in knowing how to fix it. 

Ty started working Spud harvest driving a Cross over

What a MAN!

he's a real Idahoan now i guess....

14-16 hour days of this.. every day... 

we couldnt take it anymore. NO MORE SEPARATION!!! but we didnt have much of a choice. Ty was working Spud harvest. He couldn't risk taking a day off because he could lose his crossover position. but, "love don't run". After a really long night of working things out, Ty spontaneously drove with his dad to Weiser to straighten things out with my aunt/uncle as well as me and my dad. He wasn't going to risk losing me. But he was risking his job in doing so.
I wanted to be at the house when they were all talking, but i had to stay at work. Ty dropped by to see me before the talk, which was absolutely wonderful! 
He came by again on his way home that same day. We stood in the parking lot and hugged for a while just cherishing every second together. He told me he had a surprise for me, but i already knew what it was. He bought me a hat a week back and had it hiding behind his back. Well, in my impatience i couldn't wait any longer. So i asked if i could have my surprise now. Ty said sure.
He pulled the hat around from behind his back and held it in front of me. I was excited for the gift and reached out to take it when he pulled out a box from beneath the hat and knelt down in front of me.
opening the box he said, 

"Lindsey kate, I love you. Will you marry me?"


My cousin Logan was there too, along with his dad. Logan took some pictures for us, and then Ty had to leave again. 

Ty & i were separated for another few weeks when i drove to go see him for a week. It was perfect. I had such an amazing time. Then i drove back to caldwell for another week and then permanently moved back to rexburg and into Ty's parents house. No, tyrel does not live here with me. He lives in an apartment in town. But it's such a blessing to be able to stay here. His parents are very loving and kind to me and im so grateful for them and all their help & support.

Look how happy he is... ha, we had a big bonfire with a bunch of friends down by the river. Ty finally mustered up the courage to kiss me for the first time this night and then forgot to give me back my camera and took lots of silly pictures with his roommates. 

one of our most romantic dates. This was the evening that i decided Tyrel wasn't like all the other boys. 

We met in May...

I started school at BYU-I in January 2011. My Canadian roommate, Danielle, dated a local boy named Paul. It was a sad time when Danielle had to go back home to Canada at the end of the semester. So even after she had left, Paul would sometimes stop by the apartment to say hi to the rest of us. 
In May, 1 1/2 months into Spring semester, it was my best friend (and roommate) Kate's 20th birthday. Paul came by and brought a friend. Tyrel. Paul likes to tease a lot and i guess Ty did too, but they both teased and harassed the birthday girl until she wanted to kick them out. =] They talked about going fishing and boating and all the fun they have. I chimed in and said to invite me next time they go.
A week later, the day after memorial weekend, Tyrel showed up at the apartment door looking for a date. His girl of preference wasn't home, so he quickly reverted to asking me instead. He hadn't come planning on taking me, so when he asked me to go he didn't know my name! I went as soon as he figured it out though. 
Ty and I, Paul and a date went fishing at the Henry's Fork river. We stood on the edge of the bank with all the little birds flying in and out of their nests, while the sun set across the water. Ty caught a big trout with a hole in it and sent it home with me to eat. Even though to this day he still doesn't believe that i actually ate it. 
It was a really fun evening. We didn't exchange numbers, and weren't friends on facebook so we had no contact with each other after that. 5 days later, he showed up at my door eaaaarrrlly in the morning to ask me on another date. This time it was mud volleyball. Again, it was a really fun evening. We ended it by country dancing by starlight in the gardens and sitting atop a waterfall talking. He put his arm around me. =]
We went on dates pretty much every night after that.