Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nine Months Ago

Nine months ago Ty and I had the most amazing surprise! On December 21st 2011 I had Ty run to the store to buy a home-pregnancy-test mostly so I could put the worry to rest about the possibility of being pregnant. After using it I left it on the counter and closed the door to join Ty on the couch where he was timing out 3 minutes before we could check the results. I started to have a lot of butterflies, which didn't make sense because there was no way I could possibly be pregnant.
We crept to the bathroom and opened the door and 
Those two pretty pink lines that mean only one thing...............


I immediately threw my hands over my mouth, shoved my back against the wall and gasped "no way!" I felt so excited and so afraid at the same time. Still being a teenager and all I almost felt like we'd be in trouble or something for getting pregnant. (silly me) But one look at my dear sweet husbands face erased all bad feelings. I'll never forget that wonderful expression. I only saw it for a few seconds before he threw his arms around me and started kissing me through his laughter. But it was pure happiness, pure love. 

I took another (more accurate) test in the morning just to be extra sure. (haha, the second/digital test said to wait three minutes for results and the "yes+" appeared after less than 60 seconds)    =]

Well, Ty and I were both registered to begin school in just a couple weeks. We took a trip to Utah for New Years as well as our good friends wedding and then drove up to Caldwell to spill the wondrous news to my dad.. or should I say soon-to-be Grandpa Hansen??? 
It was sort of a strange announcement for him because he was expecting his 7th child in a month from that time. On the car ride back to Rexburg is when the morning sickness really started to set in. 
School started that week and I missed nearly all my classes. After much praying we decided that it would be best if I dropped my classes. I kept one online class but spent the majority of each day at home while Ty was on campus. 
Here's my tummy sometime in the month of January on a very cold snowy morning. 

I was so excited to welcome that cute baby bump....but had nothing to show for it quite yet.
But there IS in fact a little baby swimming around in there =]

Later in March I started to develop somewhat of a bump.

Sadly, I can't fairly blame that bump on the baby. 
Only a few more weeks from this point did the morning sickness finally start to fade. Man, I don't think I've ever felt so gross in my entire life! No thank you to the long, depressing winter that brought a lot of sad days to me either. There were a lot of emotional struggles during those last few winter months. Thank goodness spring was close! 

I was 17 weeks along when Ty and I laid down to go to bed one night and I felt a tiny, little faint kick. The first of them all! It took me a could seconds to realize what I had felt, and I was slightly unsure about it because it could very easily have been classified as a gas bubble. But it was in fact my baby moving around in my tummy. =] Oh what a wonderful feeling! As the weeks went on I tried and tried for Ty to feel the baby moving. But no matter how hard we tried he couldn't feel anything but my heartbeat. 

April awaited the BIG news of whether our baby was a boy or a girl
I had already had several dreams about the baby, all of which she was a girl in. I can say that I did have a feeling that I was carrying a girl. Though I couldn't really explain why I felt that way. All of my dreams about her were nightmares that nearly put me in tears. Wish that could have been different. Ty wants 12 sons though, so you could definitely safely say he was rooting for a son. 
But....... no such luck
* * * * * I t ' s    a   G i r l ! * * * * * 

We got a little dvd of the ultrasound, and you could clearly see that she was a girl, but Ty always acted unconvinced. 
I don't remember what week it was, but Ty finally felt our baby girl moving. His face light up so fast and he couldn't stop telling everybody he knew! Such a proud daddy. =]
For Mothers day Ty and I took some silly pregnant pictures and sent them out to all the mothers in our lives. So this picture captures me at almost 6 months pregnant. 

Ty and I had our first date on May 31st 2011, and on that same day of 2012 we got to see our baby girl's face for the first time! =] she was super stubborn and had her head shoved waayyy too far down to get any good picture. But for a split second on the screen I got a good look at our baby's lips (you cant see them in this picture) and how curvy and wonderful they looked! She definitely inherited her daddy's lips only way more feminine looking. 

(June 10th 2012)

Man I really wish I had done better at taking pictures! At 7 1/2 months pregnant the swelling started. I hadn't had any really up until this point and it usually only was noticeable in the evening. But there were a few times when my hands would get REALLY itchy and puffy and once my wedding ring actually cut off my circulation. Serves me right for being too stubborn to take it off back when it might have come off.  

By this point the baby moved around so much that I was actually becoming nauseated from it. She would push her bum out one side of my tummy and one of her limbs out the other side and you could see these two protrusions that were painful enough to leave bruises! Nothing of color though. After a while I would put one hand on each side and push her back together so she wouldn't hurt me so badly. 

For my 20th birthday, one month before the due date, Ty and I spent the weekend back home with my family. We went to the lake and had a GREAT time =] Birthdays have always been a rather huge deal to me, especially my own birthday. But this year felt so different. Either I have finally grown up enough to realize that a birthday is actually just one day and not an entire week (or month) or I really was head over heels in love with the best gift of all that I had only one more month to wait for. I'm thinking the second is more accurate. 

I feel bad that this is the final picture I have of my tummy at only 8 months pregnant. You'd think that all those days of just sitting around waiting for this baby to finally arrive I would have taken the time to snap a few pictures of my exploding midsection.... 

Pregnancy was definitely wonderful though. No, the stretch marks don't look pretty, my clothes still don't fit right, and my body seems it will never be the same, I wouldn't trade any of it for the blessing of being a mother. 

Stay tuned for all the secrets and grimy details of the final day of pregnancy 
and the first day of motherhood


  1. Cute, Lindsey! I wish I would have done better taking belly pictures too! And then I've heard that with the second, you don't care as much. Haha! Glad that you had a good pregnancy! And don't worry... your clothes will fit you again soon! Especially if your breast-feeding... best. weight-loss. plan. ever! ;)

  2. love it! :) sorry I still havent got your pictures done yet!! I was the master at swelling too when I was prego!! and sshley's right about breast feeding :)